Week three – lesson links

Hi class. Some links to things mentioned in today’s two lectures. These don’t form a comprehensive outline of what was mentioned…

1. Ethics and privacy.

A useful set of scenarios for thinking about online ethics, mostly oriented toward students.

Official censorship in China.

Hushmail and Anonymizer.

Wikipedia summary of the RIPA laws in the UK.

Surveillance Studies Network is a useful academic site, and has an open-access (free) ejournal Surveillance & Society : the international journal of surveillance studies.

The historical reality and metaphor of the Panopticon.

“Core rules of netiquette”, as established in 1994 just before the birth of the mass consumer internet.

Apple buys ‘face recognition on a phone’ company, and their product Recognizr.

Storing all our emails and visited websites

2. Real-Virtual-real

Home site of Christian Nold, who did the emotion mapping project. He’s done a lot more since then.

My short essay on neogeography, the first first half tries to find a history of the term and a satisfactory definition. Some of the second half briefly outlines aspects of the politics involved, and the cultural/commercial tensions inherent on the evolving mix of technologies.

Photosynth and the video demo of it that I was actually looking for today (I showed bits of another video, nowhere near as good as this one)…

It’s possible to get a 3D virtual model of a place out of a photosynth point cloud, which might interest the architecture students.

Augmented reality on a phone, one of the earliest working demo videos.

Audio Nomad, a “three-year research & development programme into the creative and technological potentials of immersive and location-sensitive audio.” Tactical Garden Sound Kit was a similar project.

Mobile Audiences is an occasional blog that covers mobile-based art in public spaces, and art that moves between public spaces and galleries.

Three recent augmented reality demos at SIGGRAPH.

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