Sample essay questions

Here are examples of some of the essay questions suggested to me by students in earlier years. With a little refinement, I was happy to approve all of these…

‘To what extent are teenagers becoming genuine content creators in online Web 2.0 communities?’

‘What impacts has podcasting had on media distribution and consumption?’

‘To what extent have modern computer operating systems really integrated findings from ‘usability’ research?’

‘Selling crafts on the web: what possibilities have been explored, which have proved most effective, and why?’

‘Examine two specialised fields in which electronic textiles are currently most commercially useful, and then outline some of the reasons why they have not yet made the leap from specialised niches to the mass-market.’

‘What are the possibilities that virtual products offer the innovative product designer willing to sell in a virtual world?’

‘Explore the ways in which social status and ethics operate within the subculture of computer hacking and software pirate crews.’

‘How is branding and marketing best achieved in virtual worlds, without causing disruption to the social networking of those worlds?’

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