Essay titles

Here are some of the proposed / draft essay questions formulated so far…

“In what ways might certain types of combinations of graphical realism and storyline in Action and Adventure videogames make playing a videogame less fun for the casual video gamer?”

“Critically examine the extent to which social networking has had an impact, within the UK, on the successful creative marketing of product type X?” (substitute your chosen product type).

“Sabine Seymour said (2008) ‘Today, fashionable wearables are mediators of information and amplifiers of fantasy.’ In what ways since 2008 have designers and artists successfully explored the communicative and fantastical potentials of fashionable wearables?”

“To what extent have architects successfully used new technologies to introduce a genuinely creative interactive user experience in their buildings?”

“What are the creative concepts that i) inform and ii) are successfully realised in the best light-based art using architectural facades, and what are the most striking commonalities and differences between these concepts?”

“To what extent have graphics tablets improved productivity and workflow within the visual communications professions, and in which sectors has the hardware had the most important impact?”

“To what extent have digital forms of mapping been successful in recording ordinary people’s perceptions of place?”

“To what extent are new media technologies really allowing amateur users, with little or no design background, to undertake work that is of the same quality as that traditionally produced by professional graphic designers?”

“Critically discuss the extent to which augmented reality on mobile devices has changed the ways in which its users interact with urban spaces”.


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