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December 10, 2010

Week 11: web links

Web links for the lecture: “DIY! — mass customisation, hacking, and micro manufacture of physical ‘things’.”

“We Make Things” — excellent 16 minute mini-documentary on the ‘maker revolution’….

Lesson links:

* Maker kit:



Objet 3D printers

* Workshops for hire:

Fab Lab Manchester

* Instructions and open source modules:


Le Van Bo

Open Structures

MAKE magazine

DIY Drones

Bug Labs



Hacking the Brother knitting machine

Hacked gadgets


Ikea Hacker

Kinect Hacks

* Product customisation:

Nike iD

Zazzle sneakers

Unofficial Lego guns and helmets

* Hand-made marketplaces:


* Print-on-demand:

Lulu (print-on-demand books)

Blurb (quality photobooks)

* Funding:



* Small-scale outsourcing:


* Birmingham maker contacts:


December 6, 2010

Week 10: the face and the interface

Web links for ‘The Face and the Interface’ lectures:—

History book: Living Dolls: : A Magical History of the Quest for Mechanical Life

History book: The Dream of the Moving Statue

The game Eve Online‘s new character-creation module demo:

Second Life

Laura Mulvey and the theory of ‘the gaze’

CG Emily demo video, demonstrating markerless facial motion capture.

Microsoft’s Milo demo video.

Microsoft’s Kinectimals live demo.

Actroid-F robotic face demo video.

MIT’s Nexi – official video

The Turing Test

The ‘Uncanny Valley’

December 3, 2010

Hand-in location for essay

Teachers are not allowed to accept essays from students in the classroom, so we have a special unified hand-in place for the Electives essays. This will be:— Room 102 in the Emma Jessie Phipps building (formerly THS). This room is on the ground floor next door to the big lecture theatre, just down the corridor/stairs from the main canteen.

Those who need to hand in their essay early (before Friday 17th December) can hand in to the Faculty office.