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This is the class blog for the L5 New Technologies 12-week module at BIAD, October – December 2010. Here you can find the required class documents, assessment brief with deadlines, and details of the class dates / classroom / times.

I’ve been teaching New Technologies annually since 2002. The module gets good results for students willing to attend and give time to the final written work — partly as a result of me letting you choose your own personalised essay topic/question.

You can find out more about me on main weblog.

I also run various specialist subject weblogs:

Creative Stoke (hyperlocal for the Midlands city of Stoke-on-Trent)

JURN (ejournals and academic search, supporting my JURN search engine)

myClone (3D CG indie animation production)

Perfect Worlds (an occasional weblog on videogames)

Tentaclii (on H.P. Lovecraft)

I also have a Kindle on order, and so have just started a new Kindle 3 weblog.


5 Comments to “About & Contact”

  1. Hi David,

    I couldn’t send you my essay proposal to futurilla@btinterent.com. Do you have any other email address?

  2. Hi Jye; your spelling of “btinternet” is wrong. You have it as @btinteRENT. It should be @btinteRNET.

  3. ok! Thxs!

  4. could you please get e-mail me what you think of my essay question I have already spoken to you about the question of immersion before hand but you never replied to my e-mail for a finalised question. I sent it through bcu email and assume that is where the problem is, i will send it again through hotmaill could you reply to the hotmail account thank you

  5. Finally got it today – here’s the reply I sent this morning…

    >”Critically examine the extent in which 3d technology improves immersion for
    the audience in new media, and in which sectors has the hardware used had
    the most influential impact.”

    I urge you to slightly rephrase this, thus…

    “Critically examine the extent _to_ which _stereo 3D_ technolog_ies_ improve_ immersion for the audience in _interactive_ new media”

    You can then fold this part… “and in which sectors has the hardware used had the most influential impact.” into the introduction. You can use a standard essay formula, such as “Due to the limitations on the length of this essay, I cannot talk about all areas of my chosen topic, even within the parameters of the question. Therefore I intend to limit the scope of this essay to talking about the sector x, y and z, and will examine these for the most important impact factors…”

    Some starting links you might find useful:


    Stereo 3D: A Study on Urgency, Agency and Realism & Their Effect on Video Game Immersion (2004)


    The Potential of 3D Visualisation Technology in Art & Design Education (2009)


    Crytek on stereo 3D games, in Gamasutra (2010)

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