Lesson Dates and Times

Times: Fridays, 2pm to 5.30pm. Please consult this class blog to read of any changes.

Classroom: Room 203, on the Red Floor in the Visual Communication tower, Gosta Green.

Lesson dates in 2010:

WEEK One : 1st October 2010 :

    first lesson, introductions, discussion, and module outline.

WEEK Two : 8th October :

WEEK Three : 15th October :

WEEK Four : 22nd October :

WEEK Five : 29th October :


WEEK Six : 5th November :

WEEK Seven : 12th November :

WEEK Eight : 19th November :

WEEK Nine: 26th November :

WEEK Ten: 3rd December :

WEEK Eleven : 10th December :

WEEK Twelve : 17th December (last day of term)

  17th Dec before 3pm : DEADLINE FOR ESSAY AND ADDITIONAL ASSIGNMENT HAND-IN. Please formally submit in paper form to: the Electives Office (temp. in Room 102), Ground Floor, Emma Jessie Phipps building, Gosta Green, BIAD.


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